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Аbout Baranovichi district

Baranovichi District is located in the north-east of Brest Oblast and borders on Minsk Oblast and Grodno Oblast. The area of the district is 2,170km2, which accounts for about 1% of the territory of Belarus and 6.7% of that of Brest Oblast. The district consists of 14 village councils. There are 239 rural communities with a total population of 27,700.

Baranovichi District is home to representatives of 33 ethnicities who live in peace and harmony with each other. Belarusians account for 88.5% of the population, followed by Poles (4.6%), Russians (4.5%) and Ukrainians (0.8%). There are 43 religious communities in the district, including 22 Eastern Orthodox, 10 Roman Catholic and 11 Protestant.

Baranovichi District is one of the largest agricultural producers in Brest Oblast.

The total land area of Baranovichi District is 217 025 hectares, of which 96 300 hectares are agricultural land, including 76 000 hectares of arable land, and 68 500 hectares of forestland.

The local agricultural industry is represented by one closed joint-stock company and nine open joint-stock companies.

The largest of them are Druzhba Poultry Farm, which has been the leader of the country’s poultry industry in recent years, Baranovichi Poultry Farm, which is the country’s leader in egg production, and Agrokombinat Mir cattle farm.

Baranovichi District is home to six industrial manufacturers.

There are 159 retail outlets , 54 consumer services centers, 32 catering facilities.

There are 343 small businesses and 623 individual entrepreneurs.

In the largest communities of the district there are seven integrated reception points of Baranovichi District Housing and Public Utilities Company that provide a full range of consumer services.

The Territorial Social Services Center provides social services to citizens.

There are nine social services stations: two stationary and seven mobile.

Baranovichi City Polyclinic No. 3 for 380 visits per shift provides healthcare services to residents of Baranovichi District

The healthcare sector of Baranovichi District is represented by 50 healthcare organizations:

13 general practitioner outpatient clinics, 31 first aid stations, Gorodishche village hospital for 35 beds, Novaya Mysh hospice for 30 beds, 3 nursing hospitals for 118 beds, inter-district early treatment centers and other institutions of the city.

Baranovichi City Polyclinic No. 3 makes an extensive use of hospital-substituting technologies by developing a network of daycare departments and hospitals at home. Outpatient clinics and Baranovichi City Polyclinic No. 3 have 36 daytime beds.

The education system of Baranovichi District includes: 22 institutions of general secondary education (18 secondary schools, 4 basic schools), 12 institutions of preschool education, 1 center for developmental education and rehabilitation, 1 social and pedagogical center, 1 center for additional education, 1 health camp, 2 family-type orphanages (11 children).

The following state-run educational institutions are located in the district: Brest Regional Cadet School, Molchad Health Improvement Boarding School, Novaya Mysh State Agrarian College (run by the Directorate for Education of the Brest Oblast Executive Committee).

The district has 115 physical education and sports facilities, including 20 gyms, 23 sports fields, 52 flat surface structures, a roller ski track with a semi-open shooting range with 20 target installations, a hockey rink and six swimming pools (two standard-size swimming pools and four mini-pools).

Baranovichi District Physical Education and Sports Club Nadezhda offers a range of activities to promote physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and sports.

The cultural infrastructure includes 25 rural community centers, 30 libraries, four art schools.

Rural community centers run 226 hobby clubs.

13 amateur artistic groups have the title “folk” and “exemplary”, one group has the title “honored”.

Baranovichi District has 212 historical and cultural monuments, including 110 monuments of the Great Patriotic War, of them 66 are military graves.

The State Register of Historical and Cultural Values features 31 items located in Baranovichi District. They include eight archaeological monuments, 16 architectural monuments, six historical monuments, one monument of art. The crafts center in the agricultural town of Rusino teaches folk crafts and runs an ethnographic museum. Visitors to the Adam Mickiewicz House Museum in Zaosie can learn more about the life and literary legacy of our fellow countryman.

Today, Baranovichi District harmoniously combines tradition and modernity, makes a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the region and the country, strives to improve the working and living conditions and leisure opportunities for people. Due to these efforts our district is becoming more prosperous and beautiful.


Adam Mickiewicz House Museum in Zaosie

Holy Trinity Church in the village of Ishkold, 1472.

Holy Protection Church in the village of Pochapovo

Monument to Belarus’ First Hero Vladimir Karvat

Store of Poultry Farm Druzhba in the agricultural town of Zhemchuzhny

Rural community center in the agricultural town of Stolovichi

Retail outlets in the agricultural town of Kroshin

Rural community center in Gorodishche

Musicians of Mir folk music group

Lirniki ensemble of traditional musical instruments

Baranovichi District Crafts Center

Mirny Kindergarten - Secondary School

Baranovichi Poultry Farm

Dipriz animal park

Ezhonka rural tourism estate

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