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Manages social and cultural affairs, information and ideological work;
implements state policy in the field of labor, employment promotion, social security, alternative service, tourism, demographic security;
organizes work with executive personnel and with the general public.


  • education, schools, preschools, and children's art schools in the district;
  • ideological work;
  • social and cultural affairs;
  • physical culture, sports and tourism;
  • culture, art, club institutions as well as film and video services;
  • healthcare and medical services;
  • social security;
  • sanatorium treatment and recuperation;
  • mass media of all forms of ownership;
  • implementation of state youth policy;
  • vocational training and youth employment;
  • prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency;
  • life support activities of rural executive committees;
  • humanitarian activities;
  • activities of public associations and political parties;
  • activities of religious associations and organizations;
  • coordination of interaction with trade union organizations;
  • availability of medical products to the population of the district;
  • protection of monuments and historical and cultural heritage;
  • prevention of alcohol abuse;
  • coordination of the implementation of guardianship and custody functions with regard to minors;
  • public outreach;
  • control and coordination of activities of volunteer brigades and public law enforcement support stations;
  • organization of elections, referendums and other important social and political campaigns and events;
  • labor competition (Baranovichi District Board of Honor);
  • tourism;
  • demographic security;
  • family and gender policies;
  • crime and delinquency prevention;
  • interaction with entities involved in preventive work and with public associations in order to ensure the prevention of offenses and enforce law;
  • coordination of events related to public holidays, anniversaries and commemorations;
  • reform of supervised organizations and their liquidation;
  • timely payment of salaries to employees of organizations in the supervised industries;
  • healthcare;
  • physical education, recreation, sport and mass events;
  • use and maintenance of cultural, sports and fitness facilities;
  • modernization of supervised organizations;
  • organization of events related to the reception of foreign citizens (delegations);
  • contacts with twin cities;
  • social security and pension provision;
  • organization of socio-political, cultural and sport events;
  • updating of the information on the Baranovichi District Executive Committee page on the Brest Oblast Executive Committee website.

Coordinates the Baranovichi District Executive Committee’s interaction with:

  • Baranovichi Central Polyclinic;
  • Baranovichi Zonal Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology;
  • The center for health improvement and sanatorium treatment of the population;
  • political parties, movements, children's public organizations and associations, youth organizations and associations, women's organizations and associations, veterans' organizations and associations, and trade union organizations;
  • military registration and enlistment office for military mobilization work and registration;
  • Baranovichi rescue station of the Brest Oblast Council of the Belarusian Republican Society for Water Rescue;
  • Baranovichi State University;
  • Novaya Mysh State Agrarian College;
  • Brest Oblast Cadet School;
  • Baranovichi District Social Services Center;
  • Gorodishche Boarding School for Children with Disabilities and Peculiarities of Psychophysical Development;
  • Lesnaya Nursing Home for the Elderly and Disabled;
  • Molchad Sanatorium Boarding School;
  • Center for Enabling the Operation of Public Sector Organizations of Baranovichi District;
  • Baranovichi District Central Pharmacy No.10 of the Brest Oblast branch of Belpharmatsiya;
  • Baranovichi District Department of the Brest Oblast Office of the Social Security Fund;
  • United Newspaper Nash Krai and other mass media regardless of their form of ownership.


Supervises the implementation of:

  • Belarus President Ordinance No.18 of 24 November 2006 on additional measures for the state protection of children in dysfunctional families;
  • Belarus President Ordinance No.3 of 2 April 2015 on employment promotion;
  • Belarus President Ordinance No.3 of 25 May 2020 on foreign gratuitous aid;
  • Belarus President Directive No.1 of 11 March 2004 on measures to strengthen public security and discipline;
  • Belarus President Directive No.2 of 27 December 2006 on de-bureaucratization of the state apparatus and improving the quality of life support of the population.
  • Heads the commissions, councils, groups, which are established by the decision of the district executive committee, upon the order of the head of the district executive committee.
  • Manages the implementation of state programs in individual areas of activity.

In charge of:

  • Labor, Employment and Social Security Department of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee in individual areas of activity;
  • Education Office of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;
  • Ideological Work and Youth Affairs Office of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;
  • Culture Office of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;
  • Juvenile Affairs Commission of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;
  • Human Resources Office of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee (in terms of organizational affairs);
  • Sports and Tourism Section of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;
  • Baranovichi District Army Draft Commission

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