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Deputy Chairman of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee Aleksandr Daiko

Phone: +375 163 65-46-89

Fax: +375 163 64-06-10

Manages the construction, fuel and energy industry and road facilities, housing and utility services, transport and communications;

Coordinates emergency prevention and response services, including post-Chernobyl recovery efforts.


  • housing matters;
  • architecture,  construction, repair and maintenance of the housing stock;
  • keeping records of and distribution of housing to persons in need of better living conditions, including orphans and children left without parental care;
  • provision of free housing subsidies;
  • keeping records of and reduction of the number of empty and dilapidated houses;
  • state construction supervision;
  • contract auctions (tenders) in construction;
  • placement and construction of facilities, quality control of construction works;
  • urban development projects;
  • compliance with land legislation by individuals who receive land plots to build private houses;
  • garage cooperatives;
  • road maintenance and transport network development;
  • transportation;
  • road safety;
  • electrification and power supply, gasification, water supply, sanitation, drinking water supply, heat supply;
  • supervision over rational use of fuel and energy resources, energy conservation;
  • placement of advertisement tools;
  • collection (processing, disposal) of secondary materials and municipal waste;
  • modernization of supervised enterprises;
  • communications and informatization;
  • sanitary status of horticultural associations, garage cooperatives;
  • public amenities and landscaping;
  • timely payment of wages to employees of supervised organizations;
  • preparation of economic and social facilities for the heating period, emergencies and winter conditions;
  • emergency prevention and response.

Liaises between the Baranovichi District Executive Committee and:

  • Baranovichi District Housing and Utility Service;
  • Baranovichi District Capital Construction Management Company;
  • Baranovichi Mobile Construction Unit No. 3;
  • Baranovichi Road Repair and Construction Department No. 136, a branch of the Brestobldorstroy road construction and maintenance company;
  • Road Maintenance Department No. 24, a branch of the Brestavtodor road operator;
  • Brestoblavtotrans;
  • Baranovichi Bus Depot;
  • Branch of Baranovichi Production Department
  • Baranovichigaz;
  • Baranovichi Rural District of Electric Networks, a branch of the Brestenergo electricity provider;
  • Baranovichi zonal telecom center of the Brest Oblast branch of the Beltelecom national telecommunication company.


Monitors compliance with the following legislative acts:

  • Presidential Directive No. 7 “On the improvement and development of the housing and utility industry in Belarus” of 4 March 2019;
  • Presidential Directive No. 8 “On priority areas for the construction industry development”  of 4 March 2019.

Chairs commissions, councils, groups formed by the decision of the district executive committee, by the order of the chairman of the district executive committee.
Runs government programs in his area of responsibility.

Manages the work of the Office for Architecture, Construction, Housing and Utility Services of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee

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