Main // Leadership // First Deputy Chairman of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee – Head of the Agriculture and Food Department Vitaly Rud

First Deputy Chairman of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee – Head of the Agriculture and Food Department Vitaly Rud

Reception desk: (+375 163) 65-78-27

Fax: (+375 163) 65-78-27

Manages the agricultural industry and processing of agricultural products. Ensures the implementation of land and environmental laws in the district.


  • Government programs in the agricultural industry;
  • operation of agricultural companies regardless of the form of ownership;
  • peasant (farmer) households, horticultural associations (in terms of land use);
  • occupational safety in the agricultural sector;
  • food provision;
  • supply of agricultural products and raw materials for the state needs;
  • personal subsidiary plots;
  • purchase of livestock products;
  • environmental protection and rational use of natural resources;
  • use of land resources;
  • upgrade of agricultural companies;
  • timely payment of wages to employees of supervised organizations;
  • training and advanced training of personnel of agricultural organizations;
  • land reclamation;
  • forestry;
  • tenders for the right to lease fishing grounds;
  • lease of hunting grounds;
  • fulfillment of the terms of lease of water reservoirs.

Liaises between the district executive committee and:

  • Baranovichi branch of the Savushkin Product dairy company;
  • Baranovichi branch of Bereza Meat Processing Plant;
  • Baranovichkhleboprodukt baking company;
  • Baranovichi Forestry state-run enterprise;
  • Baranovichi branch of the Brest Agency for State Registration and Land Cadastre;
  • Baranovichi City and District Inspectorate for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection;
  • Baranovichi Interdistrict Inspectorate for the Protection of Animals and Plants;
  • Baranovichi District State Inspectorate for Seed Production, Quarantine and Plant Protection;
  • Baranovichi branch of the Brest Regional Chemicalization Design and Survey Station;
  • Baranovichi Interdistrict Veterinary Laboratory;
  • Center for Information Systems in Animal Husbandry;
  • Baranovichi Zoovetsnab supply and production enterprise;
  • Baranovichi District Agro-Industrial Union;
  • Baranovichi District Trade Union Organization of the Belarusian Trade Union of Workers of the Agricultural Industry;
  • Baranovichi branch of the Brestplempredpriyatie agricultural enterprise;
  • Baranovichi District breeding station, a branch of Brest Breeding Enterprise;
  • Belkoopmekh fur producer;
  • Baranovichi Mobile Construction Unit;
  • Baranovichi District Branch of the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen.

Monitors compliance with the following legislative acts:

Presidential Directive No. 6 “On promoting rural development and raising the efficiency of the agricultural sector” as of 4 March 2019.

Chairs commissions, councils, groups formed by the decision of the district executive committee, by the order of the chairman of the district executive committee.

Runs government programs in his area of responsibility.

Manages the work of the Agriculture and Food Department of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;

Land Management Office of the Baranovichi District Executive Committee;

Baranovichi District Veterinary Station

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